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Tattoo care instructions:

1. The new tattoo takes 2 weeks to fully heal.  Many things can affect the healing process.  It is very important to keep it clean and moisturized using the cream recommended by your artist.  Dirty water and sweat interfere with the healing process, so avoid the following until the tattoo has completely healed:

  • no swimming or hot tubs, do not submerge the tattoo in water

  • no sauna or gym/working out, avoid heavy sweating


2. There are 2 most popular types of dressing, which differ slightly from each other, but both have one goal: to make sure that the healing process takes place in a smooth manner and that the customer feels comfortable.


One type of dressing is a second skin, which does not interfere with everyday routines and thus is a popular choice of many tattoo artists.  Second-skin resembles a sticker, applied to the new tattoo.  It is recommended to keep it in place for 3 days, but it can be changed after 24 hours if needed.  After 3 days, the second skin should be gently and completely removed, using warm water.  The site should be dried with a paper towel and the recommended after-care cream applied.


3. Wrapped foil is another popular type of dressing. 


For the first 3 days:

Every 6-8 hours, gently remove the foil, wash with clean warm water (no soaps!, just water) and gently pat dry using a paper towel.  Apply the moisturizing cream and apply a new protective foil.  It is beneficial to let the skin under the protective foil breathe for a few hours (3-6) each day.  We suggest it is best to remove the protective foil in the evening while at home, then clean, dry, apply cream and protective foil before bed.


The first 2 weeks:

Keep the tattoo clean by washing with warm clean water, gently pat dry using a paper towel and keep applying the cream for 2 weeks.  The foil is only required for the first 3 days.  You may shower.  Avoid baths and avoid exposing the area to soaps, shampoos chemicals, etc. Still no swimming or gym.


4. The after-care cream should be applied 3-5 times per day, the skin should absorb it and stay moisturized.  Do not allow the skin to dry out.  The cream should be applied for 2 weeks.


5. After your tattoo has completely healed, keep out of direct sunlight or use SPF 50+ sunscreen to maintain the colour and detail of your tattoo for years to come.  These recommendations come from many years of experience and will help your tattoo heal.

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